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  • "Not all of them are, but a good handful of them are. Same thing goes for antidepressants. They're pretty interconnected for the most part."
  • 2019 Time Capsule
    "dude you said this in 2017: hi past me wow youre not dead congrats hope youre not depressed like always you lil o"
  • "Hey, a medicine can be life changing for one person and traumatic for another. I'm happy you have a medicine that works for you."
  • "wow I love"
  • abstinance
    "I strongly agree with you."
  • abstinance
    "**possible I need to start reading over my stuff. lol"
  • abstinance
  • abstinance
    "It really depends on the situation. Sex is often used as a coping mechanism, and that isn't healthy and can create more problems, such as ma..."
  • "anyway she's pretty and i'm gay. is a whole mood, and it's probably my life summed up in one absolutely perfect sentence."
  • "oof"
  • "BB is also right. The effects of medication can vary from person to person, and you may find absolute success with a medication that was ter..."
  • abstinance
    "I live in the south, and that's just how it is here, not saying it's right at all because I completely disagree with the teaching. Your scho..."
  • abstinance
    "**how abstinence"
  • abstinance
    "I don't like how it abstinence was the only thing taught in the sex ed portion of my health class. I was taught nothing about contraceptives..."
  • "I don't recommend Zoloft because it's an antidepressant, and antidepressants often make you feel worse before it gets better. In my case, it..."

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