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  • "i joined gtq 7 years ago today when i was in sixth grade. now i am a legal adult in college!! i'm a nursing major and i can't wait to be a p..."
  • ello
    "i know i will get through it. it's just that the thought of being an independent adult doesn't sit well with me. i still feel like a kid. he..."
  • ello
    "i can drive too. i got my license last summer. it's crazy. i want to be 12 again not gonna lie HA. i don't really want high school to end so..."
  • ello
    "i hope it stays that way too. my aunt's boyfriend got covid and she came to my house knowing that she had interacted with her covid positive..."
  • ello
    "everyone's okay. they didn't have severe cases. all of us got tested a few times over the span of three weeks until we got a negative. we're..."
  • ello
    "alrighty good good haha. my mom and my sister actually got covid so we were on lockdown for awhile. yikes 👁👄👁 you?"
  • ello
    "i've been going by my birth name and female pronouns for a few years now. kiersten and she/her. just to make sure, do you still identify as ..."
  • ello
    "i do remember you zeronightshade and SETHHH 🥺🥺🥺 seth you were the first person i thought of when i made this thread (and sorry i got d"
  • ello
    "DUDE i do vaguely remember the username jellypenguin. since this was ages ago i don't remember anything about you personally but i do rememb..."
  • ello
    "i'm good kid. how did you find the forums? unless it was changed again the forum button was taken off of the front page aaaaggggeeesss ago...."
  • ello
    "i'm sorry i don't remember you 😭 please remind me"
  • ello
    "oh a new one 🥺 hey kid"
  • ello
    "i haven't popped in for a long while and i just wanted to see how the site is doing and if any old friends are here. hey. :p"
  • Prove me wrong
    "couldn't have said it better dark. thank you."
  • "I've heard ap is the worst. they're also really hard to transfer in college. I'm taking all honors (my school doesn't offer ap) and college ..."

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