"Those Awkward Moments.." Quotes - Part 2!

This quiz was only made to entertain. No, not a level up quiz, not to see how much of something or which of something you are, just a quiz to make you laugh! So please don't hate!

As mentioned, this quiz was made to entertain and not an actual quiz to find out what you are or something, just to entertain you and make you laugh!

Created by: Br0wnieBunny

  1. "That awkward moment when a zombie is looking for brains and it walks right past you."
  2. "That awkward moment when you ask a question but pay no attention to the answer."
  3. "That awkward moment when you take a nude picture and your mom is watching you in the background."
  4. "That awkward moment when you see Dora in real life."
  5. "That awkward moment when your fan photo looks more like a ransom demand."
  6. "That awkward moment when your older sister is driving a car and you're just sitting there flying around in the back seat."
  7. "That awkward moment when you're just sitting there in an inhumanly position after your first kiss."
  8. "That awkward moment when you spill something on your keyboard."
  9. "That awkward moment when Justin Bieber had to come to America and not just stay in Canada."
  10. "That awkward moment when you don't flirt, just do mating calls."

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