Awkward and embarrassing moments rp 2

IF you took the first one, Awkward and embarassing moments rp you will get the quiz, if you didn't, ah well i suggest you take it! have fun my unicorns!

Can you handle them or will you roast... maybe like last time... find out in my awkward/embarrassing moments quiz!have fun or... or i will be sad! bye!

Created by: Alanna
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  1. Again no effect on the first ones so DID you enjoy the last quiz and how did you do???
  2. Okay the last one did count so if you havent taken the first one TAKE IT PLEASE Now i know most of the other ones were about having to pee this one is not mostly like that. okay?
  3. NOW the real 1st q. Okay so you are playing tag in the school and you run through a plate glass door you.....
  4. WELL then you survived and so your swimming in a pool with popular peeps and your crush when you realize The top or bottom half of your swim suit came off (Top or bottom you pick!) you....
  5. Your walking on the beach where your school party is and a bird poos on your head. You....
  6. So your brother steals all your clothes once you took them off your totally naked and your crush is waiting for you at the door to say hi, you....
  7. part 1: You have to pee really bad theres only one bathroom and its locked and being used theres someone out side, someone in your bedroom, someone in the kitchen. You....
  8. part 2: whatever you chose, those people come in and find you you do/say...
  9. that was interesting..... anyway you are trying to cut your crushes hair and then come out and you jump on them then someone comes in and sees you saying ohh... i though you were JUST friends.... Oops! you..
  10. THe schools bully walk down and you don't notice and he/she pantsed you (like pulled your pants/skirt down)
  11. Last question will you rate? or comment? please i appreciate it! not begging just if you liked it please do it! thanks!
  12. if any of these things have happened to you comment on them! I love to hear these things! THANKS!

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