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  • Shout Out Quiz
    [published: Oct 22, 2015]

    Well this is just a shout out quiz for my friends. However if you aren't on here, it does not mean we aren't…

  • Do you really know me?
    [published: Jul 16, 2015]

    This is my first quiz that involves people having to answer questions about me. I chat with a lot of…

  • Which Lilo and Stitch Character Are You?
    [published: Apr 14, 2015]

    Lilo and Stitch was my childhood show! So I decided to make a quiz for the amazing…

  • Which Cat Breed are you?
    [published: Mar 8, 2015]

    When a person looks at a cat they are not just looking at any kind of animal. Felines have lived through…

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  • New Art Thread
  • "I'd probably just be that really excited person who tries to talk to everyone, but no one wants to talk back lmao. I'm pretty intimida"
  • I'm making a thread.
  • Hey Guys
    "A true mood"
  • Hey Guys
    "Aight, try to get it charged soon. I have to go for now, have a good day! Bye ^^"
  • Hey Guys
    "Yurp! Hmm okie -.- What are you up to?"
  • Hey Guys
    "Perhaps, but I think i'm good for now. c: Oh damn, I guess I got to fight everyone"
  • Hey Guys
    "Nah, sadly ;-; Oh shiz, who bothered my bro *gets ready to fight*"
  • Hey Guys
    "Aye! I started doing that but i'm trying to fix up my act now. Like I want to put my all into things now."
  • Hey Guys
    "Yeah, that's understandable. It's been the same for me as well. Ooo, happy? Is there someone making you feel that way? ;3 True,"
  • Hey Guys
    "How so? Nah, not really, I really like History. ^^ (Boi o.o)"
  • Hey Guys
    "Nothing much, I am just doing History home work. How have you been?"
  • Hey Guys
    "Kat? :o I thought I was only a Kala or Koala 😂 But hiiii!"
  • Hey Guys
    "How have you all been? c:"
  • New Art Thread
    "https://postimg.cc/JGD04DcP "

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