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  • "Black: I do but not at the moment :c"
  • "Dragon: My heart ;-; I tried my best to make her look pretty, thank you!"
  • Damn
    "Ahhhh, i'm sorry you two. I will just accept the fact that I can't socialize on the internet as well anymore ;-;"
  • "http://postimg.cc/grp7PCFt YUH GET INTO IT"
  • Damn
  • Damn
    "Oooo, do you listen to Grace Carter or Faouzia by any chance? They do a good job of doing that."
  • Share ur art!
    "That leaf is really pretty!"
  • Damn
    "Hmm, if you ever need my opinion or any of my musical friend's opinions, feel free to tell me. I'll try my best to help you out! c: W"
  • Morning folks
    "Ooo, okie! Enjoy your music fam c: And I will eventually!"
  • Morning folks
    "I hope you get sleep soon -.- Don't make me kick you to bed, also it's night here. But I'm not tired so lmaoo"
  • Damn
    "Jade: I'm proud of you! I hope you find the courage to do so soon :o Do you need opinions on the cover video? Or are you just shy?"
  • Morning folks
    "Lmaoo, ye, are you feeling okay today?"
  • Damn
    "Drew: I'm glad you're happy ;-; these hoes can't mess up our mornings Quarantine has everyone stuck inside, but I don't really mind b"
  • Morning folks
    "Cody, the taco clan will find you and the forks will eat you"
  • Damn
    "Jade: Have you picked up any new hobbies?"

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