Which Cat Breed are you?

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When a person looks at a cat they are not just looking at any kind of animal. Felines have lived through many generations, and have many breeds. Cats are knowledgeable about there surroundings, and each breed has it's own characteristics.

So what Breed of Cat would you be? This quiz will give you just that answer. There are a total of seven possible out comes. This includes the Ancient Siamese, the Elegant Birman, and even more choices. Now then take this quiz and find your breed!

Created by: Kalafina
  1. Do you get along with other people easily?
  2. Which of these activities do you prefer?
  3. Are you loud, quiet, or in between?
  4. How would you describe your self?
  5. Are you good with children?
  6. Your friend is coming over. When you hear them knock you...
  7. Do you like to impress people?
  8. Do you like having your own space?
  9. How long is your hair?
  10. Are you short, tall, or in the middle?
  11. Do you dress elegantly or simply?
  12. Here is the final question, did you like my quiz? Oh wait! Will you comment? (This has no effect)

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Quiz topic: Which Cat Breed am I?