What Dog Breed are you?

What dog breed are you? The small pug? The hard-working Husky? The smart Border Collie? Find out if you are a Pug, a Husky, a Border Collie, a Cross-Breed or a greyhound!

This quiz does not have any relevance to what type of dog you should get, but it is lots of fun! Take the quiz to find out what dog breed you & your friends are!

Created by: Ima Doglover
  1. School's out! You:
  2. Sport time! you choose:
  3. You're planning a great party to have at with all your friends, so you choose:
  4. ideal gift:
  5. favourite subject in school:
  6. your friends would describe you as:
  7. 1 word to describe your friendships:
  8. Favourite type of movie?
  9. favourite type of candy?
  10. Favourite dog size?

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Quiz topic: What Dog Breed am I?