what dog breed are you?

you don't think you're a quiet cat, then here's a test that never lies. are you a German shepherd Border collie Standard poodle, English bulldog, pomeranian, or the special breed?

are you a dog, do you like partying if you think a just one breed then come take this test. is fun and entertaining and it's something that you might want to tell your friends.

Created by: sara
  1. dog howl?
  2. Descibe yourself.
  3. someone accidently turned you into a dog and now you can't go to school or work now what?
  4. someone is tied on the train tracks what will you do?
  5. Mom gave you about 13 chores to do what do have to say?
  6. when you're around people you'll get.
  7. do you brag?
  8. when someone make fun of you, you will probably.........
  9. study now and party later or party now study later?
  10. how's the test?

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Quiz topic: What dog breed am I?