Which Breed of Cat are You?

Would you like to find out what breed you are if so this is a quiz for you you will be asked in depth personality questions to determine what your breed of cat is.

Why don't you give this crazy shot I think you might find that your results might be quite funny quite shocking a vertebrate maybe.this quiz is meant for your entertainment and bring out the inner cat in you.

Created by: chaddyk
  1. Are you independent?
  2. Are you a people person?
  3. Do you consider yourself a recluse or and at a social disconnect
  4. Are you friendly to most people?
  5. Do you like to hang out in big groups?
  6. Do you consider yourself energetic?
  7. Are you lovable.
  8. Do you like fish?
  9. When in a relationship Do you like hugs?
  10. Are you excited to see the results? (No effect on the results)

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Quiz topic: Which Breed of Cat am I?