What cat is best for you?

Have you ever wondered what cat breed is for you? Take this quiz and you will see what you should get. Please take the quiz, I know my cats really well.

There is a diverse section of breeds. Ranging from the short-haired sphynx to the longhaired-lazybones Persian. Please take the quiz from an experienced cat owner, soon to be a breeder.

Created by: QUIZMASTER221

  1. How active do you want your cat to be?
  2. Indoor or Outdoor?
  3. Do you have cat allergies or someone in your household has?
  4. How long do you want your cat's hair to be?
  5. How social should your cat be?
  6. Lastly, how much should your cat meow?
  7. Oh wait we're not done..... How much do you want to groom your cat?
  8. Do you have other pets?
  9. Do you have kids?
  10. Lastly, (for real this time) DO YOU REALLY WANT A CAT?

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