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There are many dumb people, but there are many true Drews. Drew is, afterall, quite fabulous with her gey self. A Drew is someone that is tired and crying that they have to keep going this. Please help.

Is this the shoutout quiz you wanted to take? D you have the brainpower to endure such retardation here? Until now, you could only fist yourself and shoot enema up your bum But thanks to this great diaper of a quiz, in just a few moments,, you'll be on the toilet!

Created by: 1714

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  1. First shoutout goes to Fatima/Kalafina! Twinny, you are fuking incredible. You are the sister I always wanted and needed, although my sister in real can act like a true sister she can sometimes be incredibly exasperating, but tbh we both can be like that towards eachother(referencing those ridiculous sibling-like fights we had lol) You are the more helpful and considerate twin, that reaches out to everyone with your wisdom that is a little strange to have for your age. You don't usually expect anything in return, but you deserve every single of grain of help that people can get you. We both can have hot-tempers, but you are more patient and mature and you can hold it in for quite more time. I know I can't fit everything in this tiny, dumb, box but I want you to know that I love you as a sister :'D this is making me cry this is like a hallmark movie
  2. Sademogirl. I know we aren't friends anymore and we dO NOT FUKING LIKE EACHOTHER at all, I still think you should get a shoutout. Eeee, I guess we used to be close? We used to talk a lot on Kik and there were some good times, but good times always get destroyed and good things always change into the bad. I would have to say you changed a lot, which can be good and bad, or even nothing. The bad part is the only one I know, because you have been a shltty mood lately and I didn't take the efforts to have common sense and ask. Oh well, I made a mistake, I'm not a horrible person for that. I have more to say, but it isn't worth it, trust me. It's guaranteed that you will not read this obviously, but I'm putting this because you posted in the "Who wants to be in my shoutouts quiz" a few months ago. But, yeah, whatever. Fuk you, but nobody deserves to go through all the stuff you go through, even if petty emotions and feuds get in the way.
  3. Rex. You are a really cool guy. Chill, reserved, andalso seen as a "wise" user, just like Kalafina. We don't really have serious or deeply involved conversations, since it's mostly me blabbering retarded s--- that doesn't make sense and you just laugh and respond. Most users would not do that! HALLELUJAH! :'D iluvu I also incredibly ship you, Josh, and Jesse and I am still waiting for that to come true. I wish I can say more, but I barely know you that much, man. We need to talk, mingle, fist, aND TALK :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD (cries I need to stop living hAHhahah)
  4. ICEE CHILL :'D ohmygod you are my mom you are fam you are my piss, sweat, tears and everything that a weirdo stands for idk what I am saying but I lov u also You are deeply obsessed with Splatoon, that you would engage in long self-conversations about it. You are probably the most skilled Splatoon player I know and maybe blabbering about it in huge essays of text will be helpful once I have my hands on it one day. You also need to relax, dude. Sometimes you can very paranoid and delusional when under stress and or anxious. I have to admit though, sometimes it's pretty hilarious sometimes, but sometimes it's very concerning. You are one of the most interesting users I met where I will NOT get bored at everything you type, trust me. ._. There are some really dull users, I can't anymore lol I would dig through more 2013 memories of us, but let's not go down that road hEh
  5. Therealminime. You're cool. That's it. I'm just kidding. Never mind pANICS AHH I DON'T KNOW WE NEED TO TALK MORE DOOODDD
  6. Small you are some weird kid ~~~~~ (i am a weird kid, see the relation? aYYY AYYYY? no? fuk you ._.)
  7. Sphinx Man, first of, you are retarded with all of these on and off relationships with Maddie. Hate or love the p---- (cat, fuk all of this), okay? Stop switching. I am terrible myself with making final decisions, I know, but come on Adam? You are really nice, show more emotion, don't be so dull, and loosen up(that p---- (cat, agggh this kills my soul i don't have one but let's pretend I do guys but ahh)
  8. My GTQ Children: Jeeshan, The Swag, Paige, Dream, etc. you guys know the love your mother gives you yOU KNOW ALREADY I should try becoming a better friend and GTQ mother though.
  9. CookieChan You are like one of those strange weeaboos I see on those kinds of cringe compilations on YouTube. Sometimes you talk to me, sometimes when I talk to you, you ignore me. It's okay. You should probably to sleep in another room 2night. ;0 I'm just kidding. :P
  10. GTQ Elders lol most you hate me but thanks for being such a big or small contribution to the forums and the site overall
  11. There's more to do, I know, but it's better to do it in another part so it won't be so long. Part 2 will probably come out when I'm wealthy, which is probably never or I rob a bank. :D So, thanks for taking this weird quiz and if you weren't in it, I'll find arrangements to fit you in the second one I guess?

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