Do you know everything about Nancy Drew?

I hope you will like taking this quiz as much as I liked making it. Score high and make me happy. I hope you like Nancy Drew as much as I do. I know she is a fictional character, but she does so many good fictional things.

Be good like Nancy and have fun all throughout your life and make the best of things. just like Nancy does. have fun and score high. If you don't score high, research and take this quiz again.

Created by: Katie
  1. What is Nancy Drew's father's name?
  2. How old is Nancy?
  3. What is Nancy's best friend's name? (Hint: It's the blonde headed one not the dark headed one.)
  4. What is Nancy's other best friends name? The dark headed one.
  5. What kind of car does Nancy drive?
  6. What color is Nancy's mustang?
  7. Does Nancy have a mother?
  8. Nancy and her father live in a small neighborhood, what is it's name?
  9. Who is Nancy's houskeeper?
  10. Who wrote the first three Nancy Drew books?
  11. Which of these is not a Nancy Drew book?
  12. In the Nancy Drew PC games, what is Nancy's first mystery?
  13. What is the next Nancy Drew PC game to come out?
  14. Nancy has a dog. What is it's name?
  15. Nancy's cousin is sometimes in the books. What is her name?
  16. According to the books, what color is Nancy's hair?
  17. What is Nancy's boyfriend's name?
  18. Ned, Nancy's boyfriend, attends college. What college does he attend?
  19. Ned is part of a fraternity. What is the name of his fraternity?
  20. Bess and George have favorite dates as well. What are their names?
  21. Last question, when did Nancy Drew's first book appear on the shelves?

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Quiz topic: Do I know everything about Nancy Drew?