Middle School Love pt.2

You're name is Haylee. I don't want want to give anything away. Exept for the part that you meet Jaylen in this part. I hope you like the quiz! If you don't sorry! I was bored!

Do you still like Drew? Kellan? Or the new guy, Jaylen? Well, I don't know! You might figure out if you take the quiz! I hope you liked part one! And I hope you like this part!

Created by: Monkeybutt02
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  1. Recap: You were flying with your wings, land on a castle, ask a woman if there is any resturaunts or diners and she directs you to the west. You thank her and start walking. "Wait, ma'am, where am I?" You ask her. "You are in Oaklahoma sweety." She tells you. You say bye and walk towards the direction she points to. About ten minutes later, you walk up to a resturaunt called: Sue's Place. You walk into the resturaunt, walk up to the counter, order some food, and sit at a table. A boy your age walks up to your table. "Hi. You ordered biscuits and gravy?" He asks you. You nod your head. "Can you talk?" He asks. You laugh. "Yes." You say. You are from Kentucky originaly so you have a southern accent. "Well, what's your name?" He asks you. "I'm Haylee. Look, I'm hungry, I'm tired, and I just flew here from Washington. And I really want to eat my food. Now, maybe we can talk after I eat my breakfast." You tell him, getting anctious(sp).
  2. "Ok then I'll let you eat, and maybe you will let me show you around the town when your done." The boy tells you as he winks. "Hey, I told you my name. Now, who are you?" You ask him. He laughs. "I'm Jaylen. Well, I gotta get back to work or my Mom will fire me." Jaylen tells you. He smiles and stands up. You look at him as he walks away. "Ok, Jaylen. You can show me around later, midget." You tell Jaylen, laughing at his height. He is shorter than you. Which is weird because you are an inch or three shorter than the normal height for your age. Jaylen laughs.
  3. You finish your breakfast and follow Jaylen out of the dinner. "Well, there isn't much to see. There is a lake, though." Jaylen tells you. "There is an ice cream shop." He continues. You are starting to sweat in the hot summer sun, while you're wearing jeans. You take off Kellan's coat. "Or we could go and get you some shorts or somethin." He tells you. "Ok. Lets go get me shorts. Look, Jaylen, I really need to get back to Washington. And I didn't fly herre in a plane." You say to Jaylen. "And if you want to get to the store fast, promise to not freak out." You tell him, staring into his eyes, as if daring him. "I promise not to freak out." Jaylenn says, putting his right hand up. You laugh. Jaylen see's your eyes close, your sholders go back, and something blue and white comming out of your back. You turn around, your back to him. You flap your blue, white, and black wings as Jaylen looks in a trance. You move your black bangs out of your blue eyes. You look at Jaylen. He still hasn't said a word. "You-How-Haylee......" Jaylen stutters. "When I was 12..." You tell him about how you died in a car accident and you went to Heaven and God wouldn't take you, to many sins, so he sent you down to Hell. The Devil wouldn't take you, too pure. He looks really sad when you tell him about neither of your parents' living, or your little sister. But he is still looking at your wings.
  4. "Let's go Haylee." Jaylen tells you. You grab his hands and fly up. He is smiling and yelling at the same time, until he is just smiling and laughing. You land on the roof of Walmart. Jaylen looks at you as you jump down and land on your feet, softly(take pt.1 for information). "HAYLEE! Why did you leave me up here?
  5. You fly up to the roof, again. You pick up Jaylen in your hands and fly to the ground. When Jaylen and you are inside three boys walk up to you guys and look at you. "Hey, Jaylen, who is this?" A tall boy with blueish/greenish eyes and black hair says. "I can talk. I'm Haylee. Now, get away from me. You look like an idiot. I don't talk to idiots." You tell him. "Oooh! You just got owned Trevor!" His friends say. Trevor glares at you. "So, why are you hanging out with him," Trevor says, pointing at Jaylen. "Not us?" You glare at him.
  6. "Haylee, lets go. Come on." Jaylen tells you. You glare at Trevor and the rest of the idiots and walk away. Once you are out of the store, you turn to Jaylen. "What is wrong with them? Seriously! They are screwed up! In my town, they wouldn't be so confident." You tell him. You don't know why they said that about Jaylen. "I'm kind of a jock, but I mostly get a's or b's. Trevor and his group call me a nerd, jerk, and fatso." You almost laugh because Jaylen is so skinny. "They are seriously screwed up. Just ignore them." You tell him.
  7. You turn around and see a boy walking towards you. "Run. Now. Go!" You tell Jaylen. "Why?" He asks you. "Just listen. Ru-Never mind." You say, realising it's not Drew. He runs. "Kellan!" You whisper. "Who is that?" Jaylen asks. Kellan is closer and you run towards him. You jump into his arms. He grunts and winces in pain. "You're hurt! Sit down." You tell him. You grab his hands, fly up to the roof, put him down, and do the same with Jaylen.
  8. You stand in Kellan's arms for a little bit, until Jaylen clears his throat. "Well, let's go Haylee." Jaylen says. You start to walk to Jaylen, but Kellan puts his arm around you. "Haylee. Who is that?" Kellan wispers into your ear. "A friend. Don't ask." You reply. Jaylen looks at you. "You talking about me?" Jaylen says, laughing. "Jaylen, this is Kellan." You point at Kellan as he nods his head 'hey'. "Kellan, this is Jaylen." Jaylen waves.
  9. "Haylee is more than a good friend to me." Kellan says, smiling his adorable smile. "Ok. And I care, why?" Jaylen asks. "Haylee is my girlfriend," Kellan tells Jaylen. Jaylen looks surprised. You walk around the corner. Somebody grabs you from behind. You scream. They knock you out.
  10. I hope you liked the quiz!
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