Middle School Love pt.1

This is about you(your name is Haylee). I hope you like the quiz! If you don't, sorry! I was bored! Don't judge me! Please comment and rate! I don't want to give anything away!

This is about you(your name is Haylee). I hope you like the quiz! If you don't, sorry! I was bored! Don't judge me! I was bored! I don't want to give anything away! Please comment and rate!

Created by: Monkeybutt02
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  1. Kellan hugs you, turns around and walks towards his friends. "Oooh!" You hear his friends tease Kellan. "Shut up guys! Haylee is just a friend." Kellan snaps back. "Whatever. You like her. I can't blame you though." You hear his friends say as you walk away. They whistle. You shake your head and keep walking. "Idiots." You hear Kellan tell them. You hear somebody running up behind you and you turn around. You see Kellan standing there. "They are seriously retardid. They need to learn how to be quiet. Anyways. They think that you're my girlfriend." Kellan tells you. *Am I?* You ask into his mind(you are a fallen angel and this is part of this power). *I don't know.* Kellan tells you. He chuckles and puts his arm around you. You breathe and stare into his dark eyes. You blink. "Ha! I win! You blinked!" Kellan tells you, laughing. 1st period is over and people start to fil the halls. People stare at you and Kellan.
  2. Kellan stops walking. You stop too. He turns to you, kisses you, but a stupid teacher ruins the moment. "Haylee Bartholemew!" You hear her snap at you. "Kellan Allen! Detention for both of you. No kissing in the hallways." The way she says 'kissing' makes you and Kellan bust up laughing. "I gotta go to P.E." You tell Kellan, sweetly. "Ok. I have.... Social Studdies." Kellan says, weakly. All of P.E. people ask you about Kellan and you. "Hey Haylee!" Meagan, the popular girl, says to you. She almost never talks to you. "So, you're dating Kellan?" Meagan asks you, despratly. "Yes. I guess." You tell her.
  3. "Oh my God! You are sooooo lucky! But you do know that every girl in this school has a crush on him, right? Just keep him close." Meagan tells you honestly. It's true, every girl in school IS crushing on him. "Thanks for the advice Meagan. Well, I gotta go. Math." You say, still sad that every girl in school likes Kellan. The bell rings and you think that you might see Kellan. You walk to your locker and get your math book and other stuff. You run into somebody in the hallway. "Hey! Watch where you're going!" You yell at them. "I'm sorry. Haven't I seen you before?" He asks. "I don't know. Maybe. I'm Haylee." You say sweetly, but snap back into reality and remember that you have a boyfriend. "I'm Drew. People, like my ex-friends call me Dr.Ew." Drew says, sadly and looking down at the ground.
  4. "That's retardid. Just keep your head up and they can't bring you down. That's what I did. Now I'm dating a popular boy." You tell him, also smiling that you have a boyfriend. "Who? I might know him." Drew tells you, thoughtfully. Just then Kellan walks by, sees you talking to Drew, stops walking, flips his hair out of his eyes, and puts his arm around you. "Who is this?" Kellan asks. "Hey, I have a football game today, you should come, Haylee." Kellan says, glaring at Drew for talking to you. "Kellan." You hear Drew mumbel(sp). "Drew. I thought you moved!" Kellan says, finally figuring out who Drew is. "Nope. I'm right here. How do you know Haylee? Is she family?" Drew asks, jealous. You and Kellan laugh. "No. She's not family. She's my girlfriend! Defenitly not family!" Kellan says between laughs. Kellan is about to kiss you. "Kellan! Hello?" You yell, motioning to Drew. "It's fine. Isn't it Drew? You don't mind?" Kellan asks Drew. "It's fine. I don't mind." Drew says calmly. "It's not fine with me though. I perfer privacy." You say as Kellan laughs. Kellan pulls you up to his chest. He smells like Axe. You look up, into Kellans eyes(he's three inches taller than you). He kisses you. You hear Drew walk away. Kellan pulls away. "Now, why were you talking to Dr. Ew?" Kellan asks, once Drew is out of hearing range. "He ran into me. He started talking." You tell him, honestly. "Look, don't talk to him. We call him Dr. Ew for a reason. He cheated on seven girls, at once. And his name is convient. I'm sorry, but don't talk to him." Kellan says, sweetly. I'm gonna be really late for math. And yes to the game and not talkiing to Drew." You tell him, staring into his eyes.
  5. "3rd period is almost over. I'm about to just ditch school. Wanna go?" Kellan asks. "Sure. Where would we go?" You ask, sweetly. "I don't care. Lets go to the feild." Kellan says, talking about the soccer feild. You look down at the school uniform that girls have to wear: a tightish blue jean mini skirt, tightish light brown and blue shirt and flats. "Umm... Lets take you to your house so you can change." Kellan says. "Then we can go to my house so I can change out of MY uniform." Kellan tells you. You know that Kellan hates wearing jeans. You just don't want to go to the feild with Kellan and his friends in a skirt, plus you hate skirts.
  6. After you go to your house and change into ripped skinny jeans, a blue spagetti strap, and boots up to your knees, and after Kellan went to his house to change into shorts, and a tshirt, you both walk to the feild, hand in hand. Kellan knows about your powers(fallen angel, empathy, mind reading, mind control, vampire, and werewolf), and you know all of his(werewolf, empathy, mind reading, mind control). *Haylee, wanna play some football?* You hear Kellan in your head. *Seriously? In what I'm wearing? No. But I'll play soccer, or baseball.* You tell him. His friends have one power each, one can make stuff apear(Ian is this friend), one can move stuff with his mind(Drake is this friend), and the other one has healing(Owen is this one). Kellan looks at Ian and all of a sudden Ian has a baseball, a glove, and a bat. "Thanks." You tell him. "No problem Haylee." Ian tells you, smiling and trying to get you to like him. "And yes, I am dating Kellan." You say, you had read his mind. Ian glares at Kellan, which makes you, Owen, and Drake laugh. Drake(the one that can move stuff with his mind) lifts you up and puts you down between Kellan and Ian. You walk over to Kellan and hug him. "Oh! You just got owned!" Kellan yells at Ian, and laughs.
  7. Ian puts the bat, ball, and glove down, and runs after Kellan. But Kellan(Being a werewolf) was to fast for Ian. Owen starts chanting quietly: "Kel-lan! Kel-lan!" You start chanting with him, louder. Drake is chanting: "Ia-n! Ia-n!" You glare at Drake, and smile. Drake starts chanting Kellan. Ian gives up. Kellan runs over, not even breathing heavilly. "Want to race? I bet I'm faster!" Kellan tells you. "Oooooh! Hay-lee! Hay-lee! Hay-lee!" Owen, Drake, and Ian chant. "I don't know. I'm pretty fast. But, no cheating! No turning into a wolf! But you don't have to change to be a vampire!" You yell to Kellan. Owen, Drake, and Ian are clapping as they chant: "Hay-lee! Hay-lee!" You start to run. You turn into a full vampire. Your blue eyes turn red/brown. You take one minute to run around the entire feild. You sit between Drake and Ian. They all give you high fives. Two minutes later Kellan runs up to where you, Drake, Owen, and Ian are sitting. Kellan sits down between you and Ian. "Oh! You got beat by a girl!" Owen yells. "Oh, now you want to race?" You ask Owen. He doesn't look so confident now. The guys all laugh. "Who's turn is it now to race this?" You ask, motioning to yourself. Ian stands up. "No cheating though! No random stuff better pop up infront of me!"
  8. "Fine." Ian says, sadly. You laugh. "And I won't be a wolf." You tell him, smiling. "Ready?" Kellan asks. "YEAH!" You and Ian yell together. "Set?" Kellan asks. "YES!" Ian and you yell at the same time. "GO!" Kellan yells as you start to turn into full vampire. You run for 20 slow seconds, then you sprint for 20 seconds and you are done. It takes Ian 4 more minutes. You sit next to Kellan. You pull your iPod out of your pocket, put one earbud into your ear and offer the other earbud to Kellan. "If you want to race me again, lets race as wolves!" You tell Kellan. "Ok. Sounds fine by me. Just be warned, I'm a very ugly wolf." Kellan says goofily. "Same here. I am... You'll see in a minute." You say. You go behind a tree and become a white-as-snow, with dark brown eyes, wolf. You look like a husky. "You are NOT an ugly wolf. You are beautiful." Kellan says. You walk over to the rest of the guys with Kellan(still human looking) at your side. "Dude! Cool dog! But where did Haylee go? She looked HOT!" Ian tells Kellan. "She is right here." Kellan says. You growl at Ian. "Whoah! She's a husky? I thought she is a wereWOLF. Not a wereDOG." Ian says to Kellan. You growl again. *I'm not a dog you idiot! I'm a wolf!* You yell into Ian's mind. "Ok, just race eachother." Ian says as Kellan turns into a very light brown wolf with dark, dark blue eyes. You hear his voice in your head. *I told you!* He says. "Ready? Set? GO!" Owen says loudly. You run faster than ever and finish 5 minutes before Kellan is finished.
  9. While you are waiting for Kellan you see Drew behind a tree, looking at you. *Kellan! Drew is watching me! Does he know?* You ask into Kellan's mind. *He is a human that hates all people with powers. He can tell that you aren't just a beautiful husky. Run. Now. Don't let him catch you! If he does, I don't know. He could kill you. He is actually not human, he is a vampire. He is really 54 years old. He was bit when he was 12 so he still looks 12. He wants to-you were born a princess. He wants you to be his queen. He will marry you and make your life a living hell. If he doesn't he will kill you. That's why I told you not to talk to him.* Kellan is in sight now. *RUN!* He yells into your mind. You run away from Drew. "Haylee! Where the hell are you going? HAYLEE!" Ian yells. You hear Drew behind you. "Haylee don't run from me! I love you! Remember me?" Drew yells. You turn human, run slower, and grow wings. "HAYLEE! I WILL FIND YOU MY PRINCESS!" Drew yells. You hear Kellan snarling, Ian dropping stuff on him, Owen healing anyone that gets hurt, other than Drew, and Drake getting everyone away and throwing Drew. "Drew. I'm sorry." You say as you fly away(with your white wings with violet and black on the edges. *I'm OK Kellan. Are you? I'm above the clouds.* You tell Kellan. You keep flying for about an hour. You are freezing. You had been holding Kellans coat when you left. You still have it in your arms. You fly for 20 minutes and see a castle. You land on the roof, pull your wings in, put the coat on, and jump to the ground. You land softly(being part wolf). You walk around for a little bit until you see people. Then you ask somebody if there is a diner or fastfood place. They say yes. They point a direction and tell you do go that way for 10 minutes and there will be a resturaunt. "Thank you ma'am." You say.
  10. Bye! I hope you liked the quiz! It took me all morning! I'm tired now.... Please comment and rate? Thanks if you do!

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