angel in the midst part 3

well i already put were i left off at on this quiz so i cant do that again im afraid so ima just ramble on if you dont mind ~fun fact Hipos fart through their mouths!

well Dillon has dark brown hair and lime green eyes that just blow your mind, Josh has hair so dark its almost back and is cut to look like i mix between emo and swishy that look sexy with his turquoise eyes, Marshal is tall with really short blonde hair and blue eyes, and the new guy Drake is really tall and has dark brown hair with highlights and big brown eyes.

Created by: shinedownlover

  1. recap: you forgave marshal and school has ended and your waiting for your mom on the front steps of the school but your also waiting to know whats going on and whats so important that Josh said he needs to tell you
  2. i was the last one to be picked up from school, i was just sitting there listing to last man standing by pop evil when my mom showed up and honked the horn. i got in the car "what took you so long?" "sorry honey i was a little late and had to finish something at work, so how was your day? Meet any cute guys?" "mooom" i laughed. "yes and i was asked to go to a party tomorrow. is it okay if i go?" "sure as long as you dont stay out too late and you have to tell me where it is." "alright i'll find out as soon as Josh calls me." "oh so it was a boy who asked you is he cute is it gonna be a date?" she threw so many questions at me so fast, she was more excited for me then i was. "i dont know i still have to find out, i dont have his number but i gave him mine so hes supposed to call sometime tonight." then we arrived at the house. it was pretty small since it was only me and my mom living here. i didnt have much. all my clothes were jeans and t-shirts, i had a couple of dressy shirts but thats about it. we were kind of short on money and mostly got only what we needed.
  3. we walked in i went to my room. i was still unpacking my things from the move. i went to the bathroom to take a shower and freshen up for dinner. i walked out and went across the hall to my room in a towel, my hair still wet. i decided to put on...
  4. i was just about to put my clothes on when i heard my phone ring. i rushed over to answer it. "hello?" "is this Cory?" "yes? is this Josh?" "yeah oh did you find out if you could go tomorrow?" "ya but i just have to know where it is so i can tell my mom and i cant stay out too late." "oh okay well its at this guys house just off of Robinson" "okay cool, ummm...what kind of party is this? so i know what to wear." "oh well most girls who go end up wearing dresses." "alright" i think 's--- i dont have any dresses :(' "okay then so i'll pick you up around 6:30 tomorrow?" "sure, but one thing" "what?" "you still havent explained anything to me" "right...ummm...where do you live?" he asked and i didnt know if i wanted him him to know where i lived but then again he was going to pick me up tomorrow so he would know any ways. so i told him. "really? wow well im at a friends right now that just so happens to live on that street."
  5. "really?" "yeah if ya want i can come over and tell you everything." then i heard a voice in the background "no! bring her over here! i wanna meet this so called hottie." i just laughed "so who's your friend there?" i asked teasingly. "heh heh umm thats Drake...he wants to meet you" he said embarrassed that i had heard that he thinks im hot. "yeah i caught that." "well hey you should step out your front door and see if you can see us." "alright but it will be a minute i just got out of the shower and have to eat dinner" "see if she can eat with us Josh!" i heard Drake in the background again. "um you wanna come over here for dinner." "uhhh, sure hang on let meh ask real quick...MOM! CAN I GO DOWN THE STREET TO EAT WITH SOME FRIENDS!?" my mom walked to my door."sure honey but i want to meet them first okay." "umm she wants to meet you first." i said awkwardly
  6. "well okay we can be over in about 10 minutes we got to clean his room a bit" "okay thats fine well my house is the one right across the street from the yellow one with the roses in the front yard." "oh i know what your talking about okay well we gotta clean so we'll see ya in a little bit bye!" "bye" and then he hung up. well since i was going over there to eat i couldnt go in my towel or pjs so i picked some other clothes
  7. so i changed and went to the bathroom to dry and do my hair. my hair wasnt bad so i put on just a little bit of mascara and eye liner. then i went to my room and started listening to music. then one of my favorite songs came on (country song by seether) so i started dancing and jumping on my bed. i didnt even notice anyone was there until i heard some muffled laughing. i stopped and looked at my door. Josh and some guy who i guessed to be Drake were there and started laughing even harder when i noticed them. Drake gave me a wink and a big grin. he was really tall with big brown eyes and dark brown hair that had highlights in it and it was spiked to a fowhawk, when he smiled you could see his dimples it was so cute on him. "you guys said about 10 minutes" i said embarrassed. "ya well it had been about 20 minutes sorry" Josh said. i had lost track of time again.
  8. "CORY" my mom said coming around the corner to my doorway. "oh i was gonna say your friends were waiting for you but i guess i dont have to anymore okay have fun! now get out of my house" she said playing around. "haha okay mom. i'll be back in a little while." i said and the guys and i walked out of the house. "so Cory when are you going to teach us how to dance like that?" Josh asked with a smirk and a wink. i was embarrassed still so i blushed "never cause i know you'll never master my totally awesome skills" i fired back and Drake started laughing Josh just looked at him like he was stupid and all of that made me giggle. "okay back to our previous topic when are you going to tell me?" i asked Josh. "oh right ummm...well i'll start with me um i can read minds and i am telepathic so i could have a conversation with anyone without having to say a word, but the cool thing is that when i get really good or if i concentrate really hard i can make people do things." "oh wow thats cool so go on" then i noticed that we were talking about this infront of Drake. "wait does he know?" i asked "yes hes one of us." "oh" was all i could say because i then felt stupid. "your taking this better then i thought you you think this is a joke still or do you really believe me?" "considering you read my mind and spoke to me in my mind today ya i believe you." "hmm okay...any way and Drake here well he is were wolf, and Dillon well i'll let him tell you he'll get mad at me." "okay but what about me? and Marshal he was the one who 'discovered' me" "oh ya well also i'll let him tell you himself and you well ummm...your just supposed to be a legend." i just stared and waited. "their really isnt a name for you but your half fallen angle and one of your parents was part vampire and were wolf. this is a rare and dangerous combination Cory, and we need to help you train for in case Milo finds you.
  9. *srry ~~~~CLIFF HANGER~~~~ srry im stopping there and if you want you guys can give me some suggestions on what Dillon and Marshal should be but if you dont by the 23rd it will be too late and i wont take ideas thanks for reading*
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