Are you ready for pointe?

This quiz will let you know if in fact, you are ready for pointe shoes. Keep in mind that I am not a professional and I don't personally know you so this is not 100 percent accurate.

Bio about me: I have long brown hair, very dark brown eyes and I have been doing ballet for over 7 years. I do ballet at studio Roxander in Medford, Oregon. I also go to school at St.Marys. I am 11 and I will be 12 on January 17.

Created by: maryn

  1. Do you sickle your feet?
  2. can you do 50+ flawless releves in center keeping your turn out when you rise?
  3. do you like this quiz? will you comment? (this will not effect your results but please be kind!)
  4. last question, do you think you are ready for pointe? (does not effect results, I would just like to know!)
  5. I was just joking. This is the last question. I swear. Are you a healthy weight?
  6. Dang it! I have to have at least 10 questions.Are you already on pointe
  7. Do you love ballet?
  8. Quick! What is a tendu?
  9. Quick! What is a fouette?
  10. last question (for real this time)have you ever skipped a ballet class because you felt like it? (be honest!)

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Quiz topic: Am I ready for pointe?