How much do you know about ballet ?

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There are many smart ballerinas,but few true genius ballerinas. Genius is , after all, truely exceptional. What is a genius ? A genius ballerina I somebody who definitely knows there ballet !!!!!

Are you a star ballerina? Have you got enough toe power to be up on pointé ? By taking this quiz..... In only a few minutes you could find out . I'll make sure you find your perfect ballet shoes !!!!!!

Created by: on pointé mT

  1. What is it called when you rise up onto your toes ?
  2. What is it called when you circle your foot round stopping in a tendu?
  3. What language is used for most ballet moves ?
  4. Devant,Derrière and Wrapped around are used in what move ?
  5. What does Adage mean ( get a French dictionary) ?
  6. What is important to be doing while dancing ?
  7. What three things will your ballet teacher tell you to do ?
  8. After a long ballet class, how do say thank you to your pianist and teacher ?
  9. What are the basic positions called ?
  10. What is the basic turn called in ballet? ' tendu to the front , tendu to the side, back to fourth position, turn and then land in a lunge'
  11. Did you enjoy the quiz ????

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about ballet ?