What do you think about the book Maximum Ride: Angel?

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HI! this is all about how you feel about the book maximum Ride. I hope you are a Maximum Ride love like me! Also I hope you read the book "Maximum ride: Angel" before you take this quiz!

Did you read Maximum Ride: Angel yet(not the Angel experiment, just Angel)? If you did, great! you can take this test now. If you didn't... well, read it now!!!

Created by: Yumi is cool

  1. Hello! An introduction: This is about the book Maximum Ride: Angel(not angel experiment, just angel)! How do you feel about the book? the questions is all from the book. Hope you enjoy!
  2. #1: who do you think Max will choose: her beloved Fang or Steadfast Dylan?
  3. #2: Who is the voice in max's head? (I soooo want to know)
  4. #3: Which member of Fang's gang will betray him? (also in the book; if you didn't read the book, well, go back and read it!)
  5. #4: Whose side is Angel really on? (Omg i so want to find out in the next book, give me your opinion!)
  6. #5:Can Max really save the world? (sorry, i skipped some questions from the book)
  7. #6: Will Iggy ever regain his sight? (I hope so)
  8. Last question (I skipped 4 questions...) : WHO will die??? (sorry, but in the book it said someone is going to die in the last book)
  9. So, are you excited for the last book coming out in August, 6th, 2012??? I am!!!
  10. Are you excited for the movie (of Maximum Ride) coming out in 2013?
  11. Bye and hope you take my other quizzes! thx

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Quiz topic: What do I think about the book Maximum Ride: Angel?