what would you be in the middle ages?????

ever wanted to know what you would be in the middle ages??? here it is closly accurate based on your personality and answers to the questions. i tried my best to make this worth while. please try this.

if you do try this thank you. i for one love the middle ages but i made this rather quickly and there are some mistakes but whatevs. i think this will be fun for yall so please try it.

Created by: katherine
  1. do you do what you are told?
  2. do you want to be happily, magically in love like a fairy tale??
  3. would you do anything if you, your family, your friends, your anything was threatened
  4. are you a leader?
  5. do you like order
  6. are you athletic
  7. do you lllloooooooovvvveeee money
  8. if you could be any thing what woul it be
  9. are you very interested in this
  10. are you hoping you will get a result you think is true

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