~Love In The Middle Ages~ part 4

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Created by: angelic4
  1. ~recap~ you had joined James Prescot, on patroling, when u heard bounty hunters
  2. "It came from there" one of the bounty hunter's voice said. "Friend, we are in the forest, noises are every where, let us move on" the bounty hunter shrugged, but reluctantly went away. Out of earshot distance, James spoke "An adventure has come my way" he said smiling. He was truly what you would call dangerous, there was a part of you, which wanted to go on an adventure
  3. "I need to take you back to camp" he said grabbing your hand "Surely not, i wish to go on your adventure" "@absolutely not, you would be in peril, and ladies are not to be in danger" you were fuming mad "I am sick and tired of not doing anything, ladies cant do this, that's not proper for a lady like you, I am no lady, and i'm going with you that's final"
  4. you tow had like a glaring contest "Fine, but stay out of my way, and do exactly as I say" you smiled "Not exactly what you say" you mumble "What was that?" "Nothing just said lets get going" you lied. You followe him, he knew what he was doing, "How do you know where we are going" you asked "Look around, there are broken tteigs, and branches" there were broken twigs
  5. (me: made a few errors, fisrt one meant you two, second one meant twigs, i am using my cellphone so there might be many spelling mistakes)
  6. Knight James and yourself, walked a bit further, when he abruptly stopped, and drew out his sword. "Just our like, you brought her here, you saved us time" the two bounty hunters came out "Well surely, do you think we would go down without a decent fight" James said "Haha, I admire your spirit child, but to bad I shall breaketh thee spirit" He drew out a bow and arrow and fired, it missed you barely "Hey, the girl is wanted alive" "Just getting in the mood" he said smirking. Two experienced bounty hunters against one knight and a girl, not good, What am I thinkking this girl can do anything "Stay down" James hissed
  7. i obeyed,, James and one of the bount hunters swords clashed, he doged one of the arrows, but how long could he do that. You look around for something to throw, you find a stone "A stoe guess it would do" you got the stone and you calculated where you should aim it, "Ok _____, focus when he's close you throw it exactly at the groin, run as fast as u can and grab his bow and arrows, sounds like a plan just throw hard enough" you said to yourself
  8. Just your luck James pushed him close to you, without hesitation, you threw the stone with perfect aim, hard as you can, below his belt "Bulls eye" he fell in pain, and you hurried and took his bow and arrows "You little -----" you didnt let him finish, you killed him with his own arrow. James had proven himself, he had killed the other bounty hunter, he came to you "I told you to stay down" "When you obviousl needed help" he looked at the bounty hunter "W---" you didnt let him finish, when you aimed the bow and arrow and fired, it missed James by a centimeter, but it was never meant for him, He looked back, the other bounty hunter had not died from James sword "Good aim" "Thanks" finally you had an adventure, but you craved more
  9. You two headed back, but you had earned the bow and arrows "What made you think to use a stone" you smiled " Just an idea" "Don't do it again, you could have gotten hurt" "But i didnt" you pointed out, he stopped and looked you in the eyes "I'm not taking those chances again" "Bu--" he stopped you with a hot passionate kiss, he stopped and looked at you "Next time you go on an adventure with me, i promise i'll protect you with my life" he said in his hot scottish accent he took your hand and you headed to the camp
  10. This quiz was late, i'm really sorry, i had doubts about it, and i cancelled it until i could figure out what i really wanted to do with it, i'm sorry again

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