The Growth of Cities and Trade in the Middle Ages Quiz

This quiz is on the notes I had to study for a test in my Secondary Two History Class. It looks long, but should take 3 minutes at the most. Even the people who had difficulty in this topic did relatively well.

These are not made up answers! These are the real notes given to me by my History teacher. If you try your best, you should do fine! If you don't do so well, you should probably take it again...

Created by: fan_of_red_dwarf
  1. (Tip: The question will be a definition, the options will be a word for it. choose wisely.) Name the gold coin from Constantinople. (Also called Byzantium, Istanbul)
  2. It is the origin of the modern dollar and was created by the Hanseatic League.
  3. An association of trade workers. It is still around today.
  4. A new law created by the Church that forbade fighting on certain days, and attacking certain people. It meant less war.
  5. It was the gold coin from Baghdad.
  6. A document that was signed by the king and town in exchange of a yearly fee, that let the town govern its own affairs. (ex: raise taxes, administer justice and the army, etc.)
  7. A person who exchanges one currency for another, or bills of exchange for coins
  8. It was the first town to have a charter. The charter was signed in 1080 AD
  9. To be kicked out of the Christian religion.
  10. Another name for the Middle Class. (Synonym of Middle Class and Burghers)
  11. A journeyman who has made a masterpiece that has been approved by his guild.
  12. Another name for town or city.
  13. A basilica in Constantinople (Istanbul) that is half Islam and half Christian.
  14. A large group of people united under one government
  15. When a few people have control over an area.
  16. England, France and Spain were:
  17. The decline of the feudal system was the reason that the _____________ _________ rose to power. (Fill in the blanks)
  18. (All the next questions will be true or false). In a Medieval town, one third of the population were beggars.
  19. There are 10 steps to become a master craftsman
  20. One of the advantages of being a chartered city was that you could make laws.
  21. A bill of exchange is like a cheque
  22. If you are part of a guild, they give death insurance to your family if you die.
  23. Benedetto Cotrugli wrote "Commerce and the Perfect Merchant" in Constantinople
  24. Venice had a mayor and a charter
  25. Bruges (in Belgium) was nicknamed "Venice of the North" because of it's canals.
  26. Timbuktu's primary exports were gold and salt.
  27. Hamburg was founded in the year 1387 AD
  28. Constantinople lost a four year war against Venice
  29. Constantinople was nicknamed "Queen of Countries"

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