I can guess your letter [A-E]

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Yo, this isn't about the quiz, but I'd really appreciate it if you scrolled down on the home page later and look for the forum section. There you'll find, obviously, a forum.

It was really active like a few years ago, but now it's hella dead, so go make an account and check it out. Feel free to interact with the users there! :)

Created by: meep da first

  1. Does your letter come to a point anywhere?
  2. Does your letter have at least one curve and one point?
  3. Is your letter a vowel?
  4. Does your letter have an opening?
  5. Does your letter have a 90 degree point?
  6. Is your letter in 'The United States of America'
  7. Is your letter in 'barnicle'?
  8. Has your letter been used in a famous vine?
  9. Can your letter be used in a curse word (beginning letter)?
  10. Will you be checking out the forums here on gtq?

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Quiz topic: I can guess my letter [A-E]