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  • 7 years
  • been a while
    "@captian my grades could be better tbh haha but it’ll be worth it in the end @ashely we made it out right before covid-19! lol"
  • been a while
    "@CaptainMop I’m going to school to be a special education teacher! @zero ty!! @Ashley yes! it’s so weird being thr"
  • been a while
    "thanks everyone!"
  • been a while
    "college is going okay, i just turned 19 yesterday so now i’m one year closer to buying alcohol lmao. can’t believe i joined this site when i"
  • "i just got into rap bc of my boyfriend and i like this one song from travis scott. it’s been removed from all streaming services apparently,"
  • What is your fav song?
    "can’t pick one but it’s between three from the same artist atm Come Hang Out Overture Karma all by AJR"
  • its so d e a d
    "thanks. i figured they were way younger than they said."
  • guys
    "make quizzes, but make quizzes people would want to take. so, something relevant, or something attention grabbing. or just stick around here..."
  • michael's house
  • guys
    "what do you need help with? also, it’s so weird seeing an account with its date at 2020"
  • its so d e a d
    "not what i was expecting"
  • its so d e a d
    "yeah, okay, kid. what’s your real job?"
  • its so d e a d
    "this website has nothing to offer but measly instant gratification when somebody responds. find a hobby even if it’s an online video game. t"
  • its so d e a d
    "don’t waste your time on this website is what i’m trying to say. you basically spammed every recent thread here."

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