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  • Yo
    "link? i thought i saw one a while back"
  • "^that’s awful advice, especially coming from a 10 year old ask a friend to get a copy for you, or suck it up and ask her yourse"
  • "so ur saying i also wasn’t cool when i first joined as a twelve year old ;("
  • This is my thread
    "pro tip: if you’re ever in the restroom and someone knocks, s---/fart really loud to let them know you’re there and to assert your dominance"
  • This is my thread
    "l o l"
  • "lmao he went “get yo pompus ass outta here” can i get an f to pay our respects to our beloved boss baby"
  • This is my thread
    "lol i had a crush on gom when i was like 12. tragic."
  • This is my thread
    "i’m going on a date tomorrow :)"
  • This is my thread
    "chick fil a really paid me $9 🤡🤡 and worked me 5 days a week while i was at school full time haven’t had a job in 2-3 months a"
  • "advil my dude. yeah, i don’t fw the new layout. i prefer the old one mainly for nostalgic reasons. or whatever is w"
  • This is my thread
    "hi! nice to meet you :)"
  • "2, 3, and 4 are probably the main reasons most of us are pretty old compared to the declining younger demographic. 98% of newb"
  • This is my thread
    "y’all teenyboppers want hair products?? i got u"
  • This is my thread
    "THANK YOU ❤❤❤"
  • This is my thread
    "I MISSED MY GTQ BDAY wTF happy 6 years of making it 🥳"

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