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  • hello world
    "I truly forgot how much of an escape this site was when I was a sheltered teenager. My parents didn’t want me on here because of how addicte"
  • hello world
    "yeah :/"
  • hello world
    "I think the best revenge would be to just keep succeeding. Get an internship with the Fed for the summer. Study abroad in the fall. Keep get..."
  • hello world
    "I hate this CAP assignment but I’m almost done 😫 feeling lots of hate rn so maybe I should journal tonight. after I finish the assignment. a"
  • hello world
    "oof do you wanna talk about it?"
  • hello world
    "fair enough. I saw a couple of people had given accounts away like Geek but I wasn’t certain. how’s life been for ya?"
  • hello world
    "really? are you the OG zero or did you acquire the account?"
  • hello world
    "oh god none of my old friends are on here. I only remember a few people, and only have one on snap still. and like 2-3 on Instagram, but we ..."
  • hello world
    "HI omg I kinda remember you"
  • hello world
    "I’m now in college. I’m still in my hometown, living at home, but it’s affordable (no rent + in state tuition + fafsa) and the city is big a"
  • hello world
    "I think I was 12 when I joined and lied about my age. sorry about that y’all"
  • hello world
    "a lot has changed since I’ve been here"
  • "I’m gonna start picking up double shifts"
  • "I start my new job today :^) yay to having 2 jobs Also I have almost $600 saved in Vanguard and I’m super proud of myself."
  • "I totally forgot about Venus, duh! Mars is fantastic as well."

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