How Chesterfield are you?

There are many people, Who live in Chesterfield that know the town very well.Those who don't live Chesterfield and wanna know more take this quiz you never know you might get 100%.

How Chesterfield are you? Do you have the wits to take this quiz? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: beetle45

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  1. What is Chesterfield's district postcode?[PS I don't live in Chesterfield I live in Matlock. I know lots about this Town]
  2. What bus runs through Chesterfield/Sheffield via A632[Matlock]? [The company]
  3. The bus name?[Letter xx 2 numbers]
  4. Is Chesterfield 24 miles(39km)from Derby?
  5. When was Chesterfield founded
  6. Is Chesterfield 20mins from Matlock?
  7. Chesterfield is in Derbyshire?
  8. What is the dialing code for Chesterfield?[xxxxx five numbers]
  9. Is Chesterfield a Borough county Town?
  10. Is Chesterfield's church called The Crooked Spire?

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Quiz topic: How Chesterfield am I?