how preppy are you?

There are many preppy people in this world.Are you one one of them.preppy can only mean so many things, but in this quiz it means a person who shops for the brands.

Are you preppy? Well you will find out in a few short minuets.A prep is somebody who wears designer clothes,somebody who is popular.Are you a preppy person?

Created by: meep da first

  1. how often do you shop at a mall?
  2. what designer brands do you wear?
  3. Are considered preppy at your school?
  4. Do you buy what, you want when ever you want?
  5. do you care if you are preppy?
  6. Do you like my quiz?
  7. Do you choose your clothes out perfectly every day?
  8. How much of a percent would you say that you are preppy?
  9. does being a prep effect every day life
  10. This is the last question, do you plan on changing in to a prep?

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Quiz topic: How preppy am I?