Are You A True Prep?

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Many people today claim to be "preppy" - when in reality very few of them actually know what this means. This quiz aims to seperate the real preppies from those who throw the term around loosely.

Do you think you are truly preppy by just talking the talk? Do you think you can breeze through this quiz like all the other rediculous "prep" quizzes on the internet?

Created by: qsck12

  1. Which of the following are you most likely to do at a YC?
  2. The word "summer" can be used as a verb?
  3. Which of the following is the MOST preppy?
  4. The use of "ACK" has what context?
  5. Which of the following colleges is the preppiest?
  6. Preppies commonly enjoy drinking alcohol?
  7. It is common and accepted for preppies to break the rules?
  8. You might play which of the following sports?
  9. Which came first?
  10. You would be most excited about spending time at which of the following places?
  11. We value?
  12. You might be called:
  13. Being kicked out of school is highly frowned upon?
  14. A Blackberry?
  15. Which of the following types of fleece came first?
  16. Which type of sweater is absolutely KEY?
  17. Is it OK to bring your phone to the CC and use it often?
  18. Which of the following colleges is NOT preppy?
  19. You might monogram all except which of these:

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Prep?