Are you preppy?

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There are many preps out there, but few normal ones, stay normal, don't turn preppy. For your families sakes. Preppy is pink and freaky, stay normal. Please.

Are you a prep? Find out in a meer few minutes by taking this quiz! Do you have the preppiness for this quiz??? Find out, NOW! :D :) :3 :P Have tons of fun!

Created by: blah blah

  1. Are you really popular?
  2. Do you like the color pink? Do you wear it all the time?
  3. Do you like cute kittens and unicorns, stuff like that?
  4. Have you ever been mean to someone to somone?
  5. Do you use the word 'play' instead of hangout?
  6. Do have alot of friends like yourself?
  7. Do you color your hair weird colors?
  8. Are you a teachers pet?
  9. What's your favorite outfit you wear?
  10. What do you do for fun?

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Quiz topic: Am I preppy?