How Preppy are you?

Everyone wants to know what other people think of them! Being a prep is a good thing to some people and a bad thing to others but most people want to know if they are considered one/

Are you Preppy? Do you go to all the stores in the mall that sell the bright pink tops innstead of going to hot topic and buying trip pants? What exactlymakes up a prep take this quiz and find out what people truly think of you!

Created by: caty
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  1. When you getdressed in the morning the first color shirt you grab is...
  2. When u are at the mall what store do you go to first?
  3. how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
  4. When you are talking to eople on the phone or face to face you find yourself saying OMG every 10 seconds
  5. Are you a cheerleader?
  6. Do you say like after after every other word?
  7. How often do you apply makeu during the day?
  8. Do you think you are a prep?
  9. Do you get your nails done weekly?
  10. Do you go to a tanning slon every month?

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Quiz topic: How Preppy am I?