How preppy are you?

Real preps have never thought of themselves as "preppy". (Self-reflection isn't a preppy characteristic.) They just are what they are. -- And what they are just happens to be preppy.

Are you preppy? It may be a question you've never pondered. (Which would be a sign that you really ARE preppy.) Or it may be something you've been burning to know. -- Either way: This quiz will give you the answer.

Created by: Spence
  1. You're summering at the shore. How do you spend your days?
  2. Do you have the same first or middle name as one of your parents or grandparents?
  3. For guys: What sport do / did you play in school?
  4. For girls: What sport do / did you play in school?
  5. Which of these shops would you be LEAST likely to buy something from?
  6. Which of these fictional character's lives can you identify with best?
  7. The afternoon is warmer than you expected. What do you do with your sweater?
  8. What type of college do / did you attend?
  9. Where do you summer?
  10. How do you greet family and friends you are especially fond of?
  11. How do you thank your grandparents for the spiffy present they've given you for your birthday?
  12. You want some time alone with your girlfriend in your dorm room. How do you let your roommate know he shouldn't come in?
  13. Which of these public figure's personal style to you most admire?
  14. What kind of sneakers would you most likely wear?
  15. If you had a daughter, what would you name her?
  16. Which of these books and DVDs do you have on your shelf?

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Quiz topic: How preppy am I?