Today is my gtq b-day

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uwu So yes, today is my second GoToQuiz birthday, and I suppose I'm an older user by now? Anyways, I hope you all have a nice day today, and if you're not, think positive.

I have put memories in place of the questions, you know. Whale, I think you should stahp reading this because there's no reason to. Now, go forth and take the quiz.

Created by: meep da first

  1. So yeah
  2. It's been two years of talking and soaping with you wonderful people
  3. I wasn't particularly liked when I first joined. I was a dumb newb who had poor spelling and grammar issues. There was some other Meep account who thought I copied them, when I didn't.
  4. It was 2013, July and onward during the summer. I made friends with Gom, ICEE, kwright, Ender, and other good people.
  5. I also became a rapist since ICEE influenced me :P remember those good times?
  6. I also looked ratchet af no joke It was pretty bad.. Anyways, yeah.
  7. Anyways, I'm still a dweeb.
  8. But I've matured, thankfully :'D And I know what to do when talking to people amirite? XD
  9. Heh and I know about music and shiz 🎶
  10. It's been a long two years, but also good ones.

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