What should you wear today?

Is today one of those mornings when you just wake up and have no idea what to wear? And even though your wardrobe is full you feel like you have nothing?

Well, I feel your pain. I have had many of these mornings, so I came up with a solution. Take this quiz to see what you should wear today! No stress needed!

Created by: Rainbow
  1. What season is it?
  2. How girly are you?
  3. Do you have to dress formally today?
  4. Do you want to look flirty?
  5. You describe your style as...
  6. Which design would you prefer?
  7. What pants would you rather be wearing?
  8. If you went clothes shopping where would you go? (Sorry if you don't know these brands, Australians should know them all :D )
  9. What are you doing today?
  10. Today you are hoping to look
  11. Do you like this quiz? (this won't effect your score)

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Quiz topic: What should I wear today?