♥ Girls - What should you wear today? ♥

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♥ If you're stuck for choice looking into your wardrobe, or simply can't decide on what to wear ... look no further! This quiz will determine what your style should be today. ♥

♥ Please take my other quizzes to see what you can collaborate into your outfit - a hairstyle, your make-up - I'm bound to have a quiz on it! But if I don't , please request one, I love making them! ♥

Created by: ♥ BeYOUtiful ♥
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  1. ♥ What mood are you in? ♥
  2. ♥ Is your hair long or short? ♥
  3. ♥ What make -up do you plan on wearing today? (if not take my other quiz)♥
  4. ♥ Are you doing any physical activities today? ♥
  5. ♥ Do you like your figure? ♥
  6. ♥ Are you pretty? ♥
  7. ♥ Do you plan on going shopping/to the cinema today? ♥
  8. ♥ Do you have your nails painted? ♥
  9. ♥ How do you plan on having your hair styled today? (take my quiz)♥
  10. ♥ To conclude, did you enjoy my quiz?♥

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Quiz topic: ♥ Girls - What should I wear today? ♥