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Today is a very special day. Today is the birthday of our well known Gotoquizer, xxblutixx who has not only have amazing writing skills but is a pleasant, bubbly and beautiful person ~Aria.

So Maria and I were a bit late, we know but we hope she sees this! I mean, it was good enough Gateau came online so he could send his message with me for her and Maria also said Happy Birthday, again. xD

Created by: The Golden Trio
  1. HELLO EVERYONE! Today Aria and I,Ninja,will be your hosts! We are all gathered here on this wondrous day to celebrate the eighteenth birthday of our amazing gotoquiz celebrity, xxblutixx.
  2. Ok so guess Aria will start! Whoa Layli...Hehe,now that you're eighteen,you can legally adopt Maria and I!...Or kidnap us and hold us inside One Direction's pants.
  3. So,I think having sex with Gateau is totally inappropriate because he's 17 and you're 18 but then again, he's the definition of inappropriate. Lmao! ;)
  4. So I guess Maria wi- *grabs mic* Er.Me.Ged.Layli,you are 18 years old!!! Can you believe it? Already getting ready for college! Oooh Layli,procastination in college will be hard...But I know you'll survive xD
  5. Hmmm...What else?...AH! You started school...So..how's it going with Guy 1 and Guy 2? ;) LOL have you seen them? Oh Layli this is rich! You.With.A.Guy.Problem. Let's see how college will go :P
  6. This message is from Chris. By the way, this is Aria here. Hehe. He said, "HEY LAYLI!!! HAPPI BIRFDAI!! LOADS OF GLOMPS AND LOVES FROM YOUR FAVE BRIT/BIOLOGICAL FREAK!!"
  7. Gateau said, "Happy bday." Yeah yeah, he's not good with words but ya know, he's good with something else ;) Maria just left me on MSN to play volleyball. Haha, ball in the volley. I'm so not funny; I don't know why she trusted me with this. Anyway, Gateau thought you were thirty. I think he was just kidding xP
  8. So from Sanjeev, he said, "Pines and apples." I don't think he found a proper quote yet! But I'll IM him and ask him right away. He said, "..." so I'm guessing he's going a bit slow. "smoke weed erryday" is what he said. Yeah I know, the punctuation and spelling error but oh well.
  9. Okay so PerfectionIsMe and Ambrosia both said to tell you, "have lots of fun when you go into college, don't do drugs, eat loads of candy and never procrastinate." Yeah they're a bunch of bright-side people. (: It's still Aria here :P I'm guessing you knew that?
  10. So Layli, I hope your day was filled with lots of happy smiles, cake and coke. I know you'll do wonderfully this year and guess what? You can drink legally :P Gateau still has to wait a couple months for that but you know, when he turns to be an adult, he can't do me again. LOL. I'm so bad with quizzes, you know this. I honestly wish you the very best in your upcoming endeavours and just don't fall asleep in class! Happy Birthday Layli! (:

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