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  • LAYLERS :DD I am late ._.

    I might not know anything that's going on in this quiz and everything about you but these are the things that I do know: You are so so down to earth and humble. Even if you are a celebrity here, you don't get overconfident. If you were a goddess or a queen, you'd stop the people from worshipping you and you'd treat them all as equals. You're surprised when you've heard people talk about the amazing you, I mean WHAT? How could you not know you are superbly fantastical talented you?! You won't hesitate to help someone no matter who they are and what they have done. You are sooo charismatic and amiable in every way and the friendliest person. When you promise something you stick to it and you never ever ever complain about anything. I admire you for that because I will always be a complainer at heart.

    Getting on to the writing because who would I be if I left that out? You are horrifyingly stupendously impressively magnificent at writing. I don't think horrifyingly should be in that sentence. I'm basically speechless at your work. It gives me this homey feeling when I read it and it reminds me of good times. And when people comment, you have the time to thoroughly comment back to EACH AND EVERY ONE no matter how late you are. That, truly is wondrous. That's why everyone has something to say in your chapters. I mean, you may procrastinate on homework and all but you will never ever procrastinate on making people feel needed and wanted.

    Maybe some of this is inaccurate, maybe all of it is. But it's what I have come to know and love about you.

    Have a beautiful beautiful BOOTIFUL birthday/life because such a beautiful soul deserves that.

  • IVORY I'm late-er xD I will email you tomorrow, but I neexd to address this NOW. *flying glomping squeeze hug* If I were more emotional, right now, I'd be crying because, ah... I'm so touched to the center of my heart that I just don't know how to say it, but... thank you, you're too nice

    CALYPSO!!! .... thankies! ^^ *huggles* you're so nice and sweet and wonderful ^^

    And last but never ever ever least, SINGIN!!! awwwhhhh you :3 *double huggles* no apologies for not long comments, you didn't have to, but you did, and you're so sweet and thoughtful and lovable x) haha I will try my very best to enjoy life, thank you! ^^

  • Ohhhh you two xD *flying tackle hugs Maria and Aria* Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuu! < 3 I decided to check my email justtt before dinner at 7 and ended up reading this through dinner, and I was going to comment, but I dropped my spaghetti and had to clean it up xD 18 and still coordinated as ever ;P anyway, I kept having to cover my face with my hair because I'm pretty sure I was accidentally smirking between trying not to laugh and trying not to grin like an idiot at the dinner table xD *squishes group hug tighter* I love you two xD and yes, I will take full advantage of my ability to kidnap you - I mean, adopt =^.-=

    *super glomps Chris* yuss, thank you, my favorite brit ^^ (there's duct tape in the corner for you, gateau, for your broken heart) *hugs PIM and Ambrosia* thank you :3 I don't know if I can hold to that last point though xD *stares at jeev and gateau* hm.... ah wth, thanks jeev ^^ as always, wonderful way with words *smothers in a hug while jeev complains* ... fine *hug attacks gateau* speaking of gateau XD yesterday, my mom gave me a cake, only she couldn't just say she bought cake, noooo, she had to say "gateau" xP girlie, you crazy xD no Lohn, Jaria obviously sounds better ;P and WE ARE DIVORCED XD plus, he thought I was 30! tsk, he's basically calling me a cougar xP

    I have other things to say, but this is getting lengthy (do NOT say anything to that xD) so it can wait xD sadly I can't drink legally yet, age is 21 over here ;P but thank youuu *last squeeze hug* I'm going to go procrastinate now ^^ cya!

  • Ah I m late. Oh well :) I didn't really see this Happy brithday, I am soooooooooooo late. Haha Bunny, sorry I don't have a long comment. I don't really know you that well and I am out of GTQ. hardly on, I hope you had a good day though. Ummmmmmmmmm I don't know what to write, I not as crazy as everyone here XD !! I hope you enjoy life?!? H that will have to do :)

  • Erm xD HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAYLI! So yeah,I helped make this,just to get that clear!!! Wow.Gateau's word were so deep and Sanjeev doesnt fail to make me cry with his words of wisdom :'D So :P Yeah I had to leave Aria with the quiz cuz I was playing volleyball....ball. ....LOL xD

  • AHHHHH LAYLI!!! I'm still so late but still....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You're an amazing friend and so insightful and kind and funny....god. Happy birthday (although it was yesterday) xxblutixx!!

  • I just realized you used "Layli" throughout this xD

  • It's Aria here!
    Maybe I was wrong about the link but oh well!
    Happy Birthday Layli! x

    The Golden Trio
  • I don't know why 'The Golden Trio' link is showing WTF_NINJA's profile. o.O

  • Happy Birthday xxblutixx!


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