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Welcome, everyone, to the fifth GTQ celebrity spotlight dedication (the celebrity part couldn't fit in the title this time). Your host will be me, xxblutixx, and I'm here to give recognition to the "celebrities" of GTQ's writer community!

Last time, we featured the ever-lovable singin234. Today, I've decided to kickstart this series once again and do a special feature of fireprincess1996 because today is her birthday

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  1. Who is fireprincess1996 (AKA fireprincess AKA fp) in the writing community? She is the writer of the quiz series "Magic and Boys", its sequel, "Pretty Flowers in the Dust", and several poems.
  2. Haven't heard of her? If you haven't been around GTQ for a while, it's likely you haven't. She started her first series, "Magic and Boys", a little after I released the first part of DLMH, and it concluded just this past April. A 36-part series in a year? Very impressive.
  3. I still have memories from my early days writing on GTQ where I remember seeing "Magic and Boys" on the newest quiz list almost every other day. Max, Alex, and Fang caught on quick (my favorite was Alex).
  4. It provides exactly what it promises: magic... and boys, and that's not to mention the action, drama, surprises, and characters (with awesome names like Nakia :3 ) You can even sense the story building, improving, and maturing along the way, which is something I've always liked about quiz series.
  5. The sequel to the series, "Pretty Flowers in the Dust", deepens the story, and it's not necessary to read "Magic and Boys" before starting (of course it'll add a little more understanding). There's just this darker, deeper mystery surrounding this sequel, and it shows so much progression in the story that it's amazing, so, seriously, consider reading it.
  6. And if you're still on the edge of considering whether to read or not, consider this: if you read right now, you can get in right as the prank war is going down. Yep, you heard me, a prank war, girls versus boys, and that's not to mention the Midnight Game. *spooky ghost noises play in the background*
  7. Aside from her stories, fireprincess also writes poetry, some of which can be found on the literature forum. Heartfelt and full of emotion, they're certainly worth looking at as well
  8. It's getting late, and I might be a few minutes too late to get this in on time for December 7th, though in a different time zone, it is still December 7th, and so, I guess I have a few more hours. Still, dear, fireprincess, happy birthday (I really really hope I got the right date, since... that'd be kinda awkward if I didn't). I hope it was good, but if it wasn't, then I wish all the best for you in the upcoming year!
  9. Now a little secret, fireprincess, I've always admired you. You rose so quickly to prominience with your story and were able to release them within days of each other - something I was incapable of doing, and I still am. I know, you're younger than me, but when you first commented on my series, I was one very ecstatic person (was I jumping for joy? Probably). I was honored to have you, mythologyfreak, and pixystixlove94 ALL take the time to read something of mine, you legends. And that is why, though we don't know each other well, I will continue to support you in your writing.
  10. Let us now all partake in a waffle feast in honor of fireprincess! Cheers :)

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