are you a true cartoon network fan?

there are many smart people who watch cartoon network and know the ins and outs of the characters and the title of the shows. some claim to watch it but have no idea about the characters or titles. find out how much you know

are you a cartoon network genius? are you a cartoon network flop? questions to your answers will be determined after taking this twelve question quiz. thank you and good luck!

Created by: jason

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  1. why did you take this quiz?
  2. what is special about weekends?
  3. what cartoon started out first on you tube
  4. which cartoon has 2 annoying sisters that work in their lab?
  5. which cartoon is half animated and half real?
  6. what is special about friday evening on cartoon network
  7. what is the 1st cartoon aired in the morning?
  8. which cartoon makes fun of everything?
  9. who does mordecai, of regular show have a crush on?
  10. do you want to see the answers?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true cartoon network fan?