How Well Do You Know Cartoon Network?

There are many people out there. Do you know cartoons more than they do? Then take this quiz to prove you could work for cartoon network at age 10! Thanks!

You must know a lot of cartoon stuff before taking this quiz otherwise you will bomb it. Here's a hint on the hard one: find out what animated short created secret mountain fort awesome.

Created by: rigby
  1. Which two shows are about adventure?
  2. What was Cartoon Network's first non-animated series?
  3. Which show was based on the animated short titled "Uncle Grandpa"?
  4. Which show is about a kid with genius sisters and a talking dog?
  5. Who loves Food?
  6. Which of the following is an online game by Cartoon Network?
  7. Regular Show is about a Blue Jay and Raccoon, named who (in order)?
  8. Which show is based on a blue cat and an orange fish with legs?
  9. Which show is about a kid with a watch that turns him into aliens for some time?
  10. Which show contains a virus called nanites, which cause chaos and make a kid sve people?
  11. What is CArtoon Network's most popular show as of 2010 - 2011?
  12. What day do CN comedies start to air new episodes? (well, most of the shows like Johnny test, gumball, etc.)

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Cartoon Network?