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I loved to watch cartoons! Didn't you?! It was really fun being a child! Sometimes, I wish I could go back to those wonderful days! They were the best!

Cartoon Network (abbreviated CN) is an American cable television network where you'll find many great animated shows. You can catch many enjoyable cartoons airing on that channel! Now on to the quiz.

Created by: Wooden Bridge
  1. I will write a statement or a cartoon character from a show and you have to guess it. Let's begin! "However, he accidentally spilled a mysterious substance called 'Chemical X' into the mixture."
  2. A boy genius has a secret laboratory.
  3. Black Shirt, Jeans, Blonde Hair, Sunglasses, LOVES hot women.
  4. An easily frightened canine who lives in a farmhouse in the middle of Nowhere.
  5. Kids who try to counter the terrible plans of adults.
  6. 12-year old human who was transferred from Chester Arthur Middle School to Charles Darwin Middle School (CDMS) by an accidental misspelling of his last name from "Lyon" to "Lion".
  7. Now the fool seeks to return to the past and undo the future, that is Aku!
  8. A Live Action Show?
  9. Earth is fighting a losing war with an alien race known as the Glorft.
  10. Mama had a chicken/Mama had a cow/Dad was proud/He didn't care how.

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