How well do you know Yin Yang Yo?

Yin Yang Yo, the most hilarious, action packed cartoon ever made. Sadly it is also the most ignored.At first glance, the show may sound childish, but is really made for all age ranges, what with all the parodies of hit shows like Lost, American Idol and even Pokemon.

So, are you a Yin Yang Yo addict? A true fan? Or is it not worth it? Maybe you don't even know about the show exists? Take the quiz and find out for yourself whether or not you deserve to be called a fan!

Created by: Hyperocninanins
  1. Who are the main characters?
  2. What is Yin and Yang's relationship?
  3. Master Yo claims that he is the last _____ on earth.
  4. In which episode does Yin, Yang and Coop form a band?
  5. What is Yang's main/favorite weapon?
  6. In what episode does Yuck trick Yin into falling in love with him?
  7. Who is the insane wizard bent on destroying Yang?
  8. Who was created from Yin's obsession with control and Yang's aggression?
  9. What sacred Woo Foo artifact did Yang break in 'The Truth Hurts'?
  10. Who was the main enemy in season 2?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Yin Yang Yo?