The Ultimate Pokemon Quiz

So... ever looked for the right Pokemon quiz. Well Congrats you found it. Finally an accurate Pokemon quiz that releases your true inner Pokemon master.

Are you a master of Pokemon master. Well if you are not go away you will misribally fail. So if you fail easy quizzes on gotoquiz then remember this is a threat.

Created by: MrMario00
  1. What do you do when you make it to Undella town
  2. What Do Lemonades Do
  3. What is the best ability
  4. What pokemon evolves by trade
  5. What move does Emboar learn with a heart scale
  6. What is the slowest one
  7. Who is the fastest pokemon
  8. What pokemon can't learn splash
  9. Is Pokemon a new game
  10. Extra Question! Is Pokemon a Minecraft Skin Pack
  11. What do Move tutors do
  12. What is Sinnohs delicacy
  13. What type is alola geodude
  14. What type is fenican
  15. What is oshowatts ability.

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