which Pokemon are you

Have you ever wondered which Pokemon you are more like? Well there are more than 600 Pokemon but this quiz brings it down to 9 different Pokemon. Including the three main starter Pokemon, and Pikachu.

There are over 600 different Pokemon in the Pokemon world, but we all know the classics. This quiz will tell you which one (out of nine classic Pokemon) you are more like.

Created by: charlie
  1. Which element would you want to control?
  2. Do like to make new friends?
  3. Do you like to take center stage?
  4. Do others tell you you seem innocent?
  5. Im just a sweet person who wants to make friends.
  6. I have hidden powers that I only use when they are needed by others.
  7. Do you stand up for your close friends?
  8. Do you allow people to become your friends easily?
  9. Do others consider you an easy person to get along with?
  10. Does this sound like you, "I can sometimes play tricks on people, and they don't take it very well".
  11. What sounds more like you?
  12. Do you feel like the more you eat the better you feel?
  13. Do you like to have one close close friend?
  14. If a friend were to betray you (leave you, be really mean) what would you do?
  15. Do people call you stubborn?
  16. Are you just an easy going person, everything is just chill.
  17. Are you a super loyal friend?
  18. Do you look innocent but are somewhat mischievous?
  19. Im just a sweet person to anyone, at first.
  20. I can be territorial and not react well to new people.
  21. I just like to enjoy life and not worry just be happy
  22. If i have to i will hurt you, allot.
  23. People tend to tell me I have good physical aspects.

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