Which Clash Royale Wizard Are You?

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Which Clash Royale Wizard are you? This quiz will answer your question in just ten questions. Take the quiz now to find out who you are most like in just a few clicks.

Are you most like the Classic Wizard or maybe Electro Wizard? Or possibly the Ice Wizard? Find out now by taking this short quiz. Be sure to check out the forums!

Created by: meep da first
  1. What role do you take in group projects?
  2. If you were in a wolf pack, what would your position be?
  3. In video games, what position do you usually take?
  4. Slow or fast paced?
  5. Which character in the Percy Jackson movies do you most affiliate with?
  6. Pick a gaming console.
  7. Big boi, Thicc 👌👌 or Skinny Legend?
  8. Dream profession? (Pick the closest out of the possible answers.)
  9. Pick a letter.
  10. Which position would you take in a battle field?

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Quiz topic: Which Clash Royale Wizard am I?