Are You a Wise Clash Royale Player?

Clash royale is a very famous game and many people play this game. If you also play this game and want to know if you are a good player or not then this quiz is yours.

How much wise player are you in clash royale? This quiz is your answer. Don't mind if you not score high, everybody can't win. But you have to give the answers honestly. So lets start?

Created by: Mysterious Facts hindi
  1. If an inferno dragon is attacking you, how will you defend?
  2. Your opponent releases a golem from one side and the other side is empty. What will you do?
  3. You are playing 2v2. Your partner puts a knight but your opponent puts a pekka. You don't have any defensive building. Which troop you will choose to counter it?
  4. Which spell you will choose if only 10 seconds are left you and your opponent has only one tower remaining and it's health is 571?
  5. Which is a better supporting unit?
  6. If you send a baby dragon and your opponent uses a lightning to destroy it. Which card you should send next?
  7. Which card you should use against a inferno tower?(this is a bit hard)
  8. How will you use lightning spell?
  9. What you will use against a pekka?
  10. Which is better golem, rocket or inferno tower?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Wise Clash Royale Player?