What Clash Royale Troop Are You?

Hello you are probably a clash royale fan like me. The characters you play in the game you play might be similar to you & you might not know it. So play my cringey quiz to find out.

So the quiz has action, suspense & mystery. So lets see if your weird answers match the cards I picked out for you. So take this quiz right now instead of reading this.

Created by: Trucker
  1. Are you social or not?
  2. Fruits or meat
  3. Hot or cold
  4. Fav color
  5. Boy or girl
  6. Attack or defend.
  7. Slow or fast
  8. Tall or small
  9. Good or bad
  10. What do you like to wear?
  11. Gems or gold
  12. Build or destroy.
  13. Goodbye

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Quiz topic: What Clash Royale Troop am I?

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