Do you dress like me?

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Few people can look as fresh as me, but could you be one of the few? Probably not XD. Well, maybe. Just take this quiz to find out in a few short minutes.

Now, go forth and choose thy answers for thy quiz. Be sure to answer honestly and rate and comment. I would greatly appreciate it. There no reason to read this anymore.

Created by: meep da first

  1. All right. Let's get this over with. You probably don't dress like me anyways.
  2. What kinda pants you wear fam?
  3. how much jewelry you wear fam?
  4. have any tattoos or body piercings?
  5. you wear hoodies, bro?
  6. ok what about shirts you wear those? what kind???
  7. you were makeup??
  8. you wear bras?
  9. you wear undies?
  10. Alright that's all fam

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Quiz topic: Do I dress like me?