The White Dress~ Chapter 2~

A girl. Her pack. A legend of all time. Adela Krest is know as a loner, an emo with very few friends. Until she wears a gorgeous dress that changes her life forever...

Recap: You met Drew, Tyler and Alastiar and you found a pretty dress for the prom, blah, blah, blah, yeah, you get the point. Please enjoy this, the first one didn't appear, I don't know why.

Created by: XxVaviviciousxX
  1. Aiden Kane, his dark hair effortlessly in his eyes, his silver tie matching his gorgeous blue-grey eyes that met mine. His sunkissed skin gave him the image of a god and to make it worse, he flashed a gorgeous, crooked smile, turning every muscle in my body to jelly. He was my best friend scince kindergarten and now officially my boyfriend...
  2. "Hey, love." I said, ignoring the fast beats of my heart. "You look...out of this world." I smiled in gratitude an hopped in the back seat, feeling surprised that Eliaza wasn't there. "Where's Eliaza?" I asked. "She can't come to the prom anymore, she's not feeling very well." Alistair replied from the passenger seat as Aiden took the wheel. "That's strange, she should've said something." I murmured. The boys said nothing, but I could see them exchange glances on the rearveiw mirror.
  3. The school gym was crowded with students and their dates. A song by Adam Lambert blasted from the huge amplifiers, many different color lights flashed in the room, many decorations screamed from all over and glitter sparkled on the floor. A pair of arms grabbed me on the waist from behind. I spun around and found myself staring into blue-grey eyes. "This is our night, remember? So let's enjoy it." Aiden said softly pressing his lips against mine. Feeling my head buzz and not trusting my voice to speak, I nodded and placed my arms around his neck. The night was too magical, like it was a dream. We dance silently for a while as I rested my heavy head onto his hard chest. "You..." Aiden said at the same time as I said, "I..." We laghed and he told me to go first. "Well, I was going to tell you that I love you." I said, blushing. "I love you too." He said and locked our lips together.
  4. "What were you going to tell me, love?" I asked. "Well, I was going to say you..." Aiden tried to say. "Adela!" A voice said, cutting him off. There was Tyler in black jeans and a white shirt with a black tie printed on it. "Hey," I said, breaking away from Aiden. "Aiden, this is Tyler, Tyler this is Aiden." Aiden's lips twisted into a smile and so did Tyler's as if though they were old friends. "Hi, nice meeting you." Tyler said as they shook hands. "You too. We should grab a drink." Aiden said which was very strange because Aiden Kane didn't normally be so friendly with strangers.
  5. "Sure thing, man." Tyler agreed. I was alone in the middle of a gym where the prom was held, surrounded by all the lunatics of Harmony high. Then the song 'I was here' by Beyoncí¨ started playing and everyone paired up in a slow dance and those without partners would just have to roam the sides by the snack table. I decided to go out to the terris where I could get absored by the beaty of the stars and drank in by the cool wind. As I walked, I was watched, thanks to my cool dress of course. The gorgeous gown swept the ground as I walked until I reached the balcony where it was as silent as death. I sat on a plastic chair in the corner and took in the beautiful veiw of California until I heard a shuffle in the distance.
  6. "Who's there?" I asked, but my voice was breaking. "A nice night, isn't it?" A familiar voice said. I chuckled as Alistair came into veiw. "In-deed?" I said awkwardly, making it sound like a question. I blush and Alistair laughed. "So where's Aiden? Shouldn't you be slow dancing with him down there?" Alistair asked. "Ugh, he's a bit occupied." I said with a roll of my eyes. "Well then you can't miss your once in a lifetime prom dance, can you?" I said nothing and stood up, allowing Alistair to take me into his arms. To anyone he would've smelt like spearmint and musky aloe-vera, but to me he smelt like lemons and fire...
  7. "May I have this dance?" Alistair said, his hypnotising voice barely a whisper. "Of course you may." I whispered back, having to force my voice out. He held my tighter, so tight that an electical shot up my arm and lingered at a place where it shouldn't have. We danced to no music but we both had a special song in our heads that only the two of us knew. Then he drew me closer so that his full lips were only inches from mine...
  8. "Alistair, you missed" A voice said. Alistair and I broke away to find an unfamiliar girl on the terrace with us. Her skin was the color of cocoa, her left eye was brown whilst her right eye was blue. Her long dark hair was let down, to frame her tall and slender frame. "Oh, uh, Addie, this is Azenathi, Azenathi, this is Adela." Azenathi stared at me with beatiful bewildered eyes as we shook hands, as if she saw royalty. "Good to meet you, Azenathi." I said courteously. "The pleasure is all mine."
  9. I watched Alastair look up at the full moon and Azenathi did the same then they exchanged anxious looks. "What's wrong guys?" I asked suspicuosly. They exchanged glances againg and then to my surprise, the grabbed me by the wrist and they stood up on the ledge of the terrace, pulling me up with them. I screamed, trying to break free of their grips. "I'm afraid it's time, your highness." Azenathi said and then before I could think they jumped, taking me along.
  10. I, Adela Krest, who was extremely terrified of hieghts had just jump of the highest floor of a three story building? Then as we were mid-air I felt my body burn and freeze all at once, I felt my skin prickle, I felt my spine strech, bend and then snap. I thought I was dead until I landed. I ran as fast as I can until I reached the edge of a forest. I looked around me to see two wolves. The first one was female, she had dark fur and amber eyes and she was very plump and ginormous and the other wolf was male. He had red fur and the most beautiful blue eyerp I ever saw... Then as if out of the blue, a deep howl ripped out of my chest and out my mouth...

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