Your wedding dress

As much pleasurable as shopping for a wedding dress can be, it can also appear like quite a frightening chore if you don't have an inspiration of what you crave. While you're shopping, just keep in mind four key words: fit, flatter, flair and funds. If you fix to these guidelines, the journey to finding your dream wedding dress will be a lot easier.

Don't disregard to consider what accessories you want to show off with your dress; these details are what make your wedding day look one-of-a-kind. When accessorizing, choose pieces that balance your gown.

Created by: bride
  1. what's your style?
  2. what is your favorite movie?
  3. what is your drink?
  4. who will perform your wedding song?
  5. Where would you spend your perfect day?
  6. what is your future career?
  7. You never say no to?
  8. Where will be your perfect wedding?
  9. There's nothing like sliding your feet into a great pair of:
  10. Your dream car is:

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