Your Prom Dress!

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This is a quiz where your will find out what your prom dress will look like in a paragraph of words and pictures! They are all really pretty dresses!

You may get a dress you dont like, but that means you don't like you! I matched up dresses with personalities. To describe you! You will love your answer!

Created by: Barbaloo
  1. Favorite color?
  2. Favorite type of dress?
  3. How do you want your dress to look?
  4. What color is your hair?
  5. Do you like rainbows?
  6. Well, I'm out of questions!
  7. How many years away is prom for you?
  8. Describe yourself
  9. Pick a word
  10. Pick an adjective for your dress

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Quiz topic: My Prom Dress!