What Type of dress should you wear to prom?

Thanks! Thanks for taking this quiz! You can either get Sleek,Crazy,Modern/Chic,Classical/old Style! ^_^


Created by: SilverTree
  1. Short,long,semi-long,or anything?
  2. Colors: Mixed,Two,One,any type.
  3. Two Sleeves,One shoulder,none,or whatever looks good on me?
  4. Which sounds best,Clasical Prom,Day dream prom,all nighter prom,or the funnest prom evar.
  5. Purse,Crown,Necklace and earings,or anything i can find (Ex.Flower in hair)
  6. What book author would/do you read the most?
  7. Rate?
  8. Comment?
  9. Was this quiz ok? Im trying to get better!
  10. Thanks last. What do you want? Classic/Old Stlye,Modren/Chic,Crazy,Sleek.

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Quiz topic: What Type of dress should I wear to prom?