therealminime is the coolest bro 😎

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Just wanted to say, this thing is obviously dedicated to my good friend, Jacob. This is to show how cool he is and how amazing your kids would be if they were his.

Yeah, so just take it. There's no point in reading this thing. Just keep scrolling. I am cool too, but like, Jacob is cook as well. We're all cool, okay?

Created by: meep da first
  1. C'mon, you all know he's a great dude.
  2. He has a YouTube. Like, who doesn't pssh
  3. And he listens to all of your problems and can talk to you about them. Get you a man who can do both.
  4. He's pretty chill too. Like stoner chill.
  5. He will make your babies beautiful. Not kidding. Imagine those little fukers running around.
  6. He'd make a cool president too. #jacob4prez2k20
  7. I mean, this kid is gold. Really. 👌
  8. He's also my bro and I got his back. Idk about you, you peice of trash.
  9. Yeah, so
  10. Bye, and don't forget to tell my bro hey.

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