For TheRecklessBam and her fans ! =]

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This quiz is to show appreciation to the most amazing writer, TheRecklessBam. We have to give her credit for her talented work and her dedicated self.

Are you really her fan? Do you think you TheRecklessBam is truly amazing? I know you do and this is for you and her! Her fans are very amazing people.

Created by: Aria

  1. First of all, let's start with the main star: TheRecklessBam. She has taught me so many things. She has taught me to love life, to laugh when I'm in sticky situations and she has even got me to be more random, if that's possible!
  2. Okay, so as fans, we have to do something amazing for her. I think that her birthday is on December 21st so we HAVE to come up with something to do for her, to thank her for all that she's given us. I mean, writing a series and ending it is very difficult so she deserves more than a round of applause. She deserves a party just on any day, unexpected. The reason I'm doing this, is on all of you all behalf to thank her. (:
  3. I'm actually stunned for words. TheRecklessBam had the courtesy to dedicate two of her quizzes to me, and I didn't even ask for it. It is honestly and truthfully more than I could ever ask for from my favourite magical writer (= She is talented and we all know it. I have no idea what to write anymore because words wouldn't be enough to describe how truly wonderful she is
  4. TheRecklessBam is my role model and obviously, my inspiration. Her series gets my mind off all the things that bothers me so I smile whenever one of them comes out ! You all have to realise that she hasn't even become an airhead bumhead even though she has an extremely popular series, well the both of them are popular, and TheRecklessBam is incredible (=
  5. Seondly, to PuffBall: She makes me laugh whenever I look at the comments on TheRecklessBam's quiz. I mean, this girl always have the most random thing to say and the freak(est) things to say. ALSO, She made me and TheRecklessBam sisters. How cool is that? I would like to thank her for being so relaxed and random. It's a special gift that not most people have (;
  6. Thirdly, to Missy Prissy Cat: Even though I just met her, she has the most wonderful things to say about the quiz. She deserves to be recognised. Her comments always make me smile on both the inside and outside and I'm sure TheRecklessBam is proud of having a fan like her. Btw, TheRecklessBam should put in Castilo in the new series just for her. This is her comment on part 28: "Missy Prissy Cat said: Mar 27 '12, 11:06PM I am totally devoted to Calisto, Why am I attracted to him you might ask? Why out of all the dangerous bad boys does he stand out for me the most? I'll tell you why,"actions speak louder than words" he hasn't said much, but what he's done speaks louder than all of the guys combined. He respected the fact that the main character girl liked other guys, so he waited paitiently for me. He has never freaked out over some misunderstanding that was created because of Erika, why? because he knew that my sense of character was true, he had complete faith in me. But you know the really really big reason why I love him out of all the guys there? I really feel like he's the only one who would truely protect me. Sure he hasn't made a devotion to protecting me like patch, sure he hasn't kissed me that much, and sure he's quiet and a little shy. But he stood up in front of Erika, ERIKA!!! you know the girl who turned him into a fairy, seperated him from his dad, and could kill him with a snap of her fingers. For Calisto, that's really tough, he doesn't say much to people he's comfortable with so to stand up to his worst fear who's completely shattered his entire life just for me... I'm shocked everyone hasn't noticed how much deeper Calisto is. Thank you Reckless Bam for making a character that is so rich with secrets and mystery that no one else seems to notice. But hey, if you like your guy go right ahead, less competition for me anyways. However, I hope there's more Calisto. I don't mind the guys in fact they're great guys but Calisto is the one who, IN MY OPINION, is the strongest out of all of them. If you disagree,(and I'm sure all of you will) that's fine, but don't tell me why your guy is better than Calisto. You have your taste in guys, and I'll have mine. (P.S I originally wasn't going to write a response because I knew everyone was going to critize me about favouring Calisto over everyone else. But she asked me and I decieded to speak my mind, thank you for reading" Now, after reading that, could any of you tell me she isn't sweet?
  7. Fourthly, to Firey_Soul: She has always supported TheRecklessBam throughout her seriessssss and that is HUGE ! Plus, Firey_Soul is a great writer from what I've heard. She's worth looking up.
  8. Fifthly to angelic4: As far as I know, this girl always have the most amazing ideas whether it be for Harry Potter or other magical series. Please give her a round of applause. She is probably a very talented girl (=
  9. Now, to _ViolaLover_ : She is a very supported fan, a dedicated fan I must say and without her comments, I KNOW i would feel as though something is missing.
  10. Moreover, to xxblutixx: She is funny, cool and very weird in a good way. She needs a BIG round of applause for being a very dedivated and supportive fan ! (=
  11. Lastly, but not least, I would like to thank all of TheRecklessBam's fans and I am truly sorry if i left any of you out. I was just saying from the heart and putting those who I saw supporting TheRecklessBam all the way. Did anyone but me realise that TheRecklessBam never has a negative comment and she always manages to put a smile on people's faces? Just saying, she is honestly very a miraculous achiever who we should all appreciate. Thank you very much for taking your time to read this (= Bye Bye

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